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A website is the main perspective of a customer when it concern about the online marketing.When a customer needs a website we the company thinks in the context of customer Needs, Business, Requirements and Effectiveness.

In last some years, the technology has changed dramatically. Hence to create a clean and effective website according to the need of a customer is more challenging. But our excellent hard working team accepted the challenge and produced some revolutionary websites with the help of various Technologies like Java, .NET, PHP and many others.

Hence with the help of such beautiful resources we JMD Web Solution(P) LTD design and develop effective customized websites to meet customer needs.

Why Custom Website?

Some people think that creating a website with an existing template is better and easy.It creates no hassle and no work pressure. But at JMD Web Solution (P) LTD, we think that an unique customized design of a websites is better than an existing template. The custom web designing plays a vital role in the overall success and growth of the online marketing tactics. An unique design of a website is the identity of a person and his business rather than the same existing template website of hundreds of others.It tells your customers that you are special and different with your competitors.

What does a Custom Web Design include?

  • Consultation: A dedicated website can be created only after the consultation among the customer and the developer. So that they can understand one another in the phase of design and development.
  • Research and Analysis: Before we start to build a website we do research about the business, customers and the locality of the services which help in the growth of the business of the client.
  • Planning: Planning is the most important phase in the development. In this phase we decide that on which technology we should work and which type of data model should be adopt to make successful our desired result.
  • Innovation: An unique design of a website describes the business and the people uniquely. Which means the person is different from all others. In this aspect the innovation of the website in the terms of technology and contents come in the field.
  • Architecture: An architecture of the website defines the working flow and the systematic way of describing the business.Hence we process the website with the neat and the flawless architecture.
  • Implementation: Implementation of all the ideas and the technology, so that we can build the better website as according to the need of the client and the business.Our team take care of all the required data and the resources to give you our best service.
  • Monitoring: Monitoring is the part of the post implementation. In which our team takes care of the website in the terms of the data input and output related issues as well as the other content related issues.We are available at your service 24X7.

As being a company we try to reduce the gap between your valuable assets consumer and the business with help of a dedicated website which represents you uniquely.